Want to get your kids to do regular exercise and physical activities in a fun way?
Then the Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker for Kids is Your Best Bet!
Whether you want your kids to get fitter, lose weight or just want to have a way to track how active they can get in a day. 
The Trendy Pro fitness tracker is great for fast-tracking your kids’ fitness goals! 
  • Incorporates Smart Tech with Fitness Fun
  • ​Sweat & Moisture Resistant
  • Improved Smaller Bands That Better Fits Small-Sized Wrists
If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that...
This fitness tracker promotes exercise and healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep habits, fitness and exercise. Best to be used with a healthy diet and activities. 
You can now set your goals and see how you IMPROVE WITH EACH STEP of the way to a HEALTHIER, MORE ACTIVE - YOU! 
Highlights and features your kids will love:
Waterproof, adjustable, and lightweight, this fitness and activity tracker is available in different band sizes designed to fit kids from ages 5 all the way through adults.
Includes an extra bonus wristband in a color of your choice so your kid can mix and match their bands with their outfits.
Helps promote a healthy lifestyle by gamifying physical activity while encouraging you and your child to work together to set fitness and activity goals.
Stay connected through our smartphone app that allows you to check progress, create new goals, monitor sleep time, and send reminders.
Smart notifications included: Syncs with your smartphone to display real-time text, social media alerts, and calls your kid’s phone receives.
Includes a watch function with time, alarm, silent alarm, and sedentary reminder features included.
Equipped with remote camera control and comes with lifetime technical support.
And more!
It is our job as parents and grandparents to encourage our kids to be active and fit.
The time spent with children walking, jogging and playing is not only extremely valuable but also crucial to children's mental and physical health.
An active and healthy lifestyle is best led by example. It is up to us to make sure our families are healthy and happy! 
Promote regular exercise and physical activity in a fun way through features like vibrating reminders for physical activities as well as silent alarms and notifications. It also includes a Family Reward Chart Poster that provides encouragement to your child and the whole family.
This kids’ pedometer watch is IP67 rated waterproof which means it can function perfectly even when exposed to moisture. Feel free to let your child sweat it out during exercise or playtime!
This children's fitness monitor comes with a slim wristband that’s completely adjustable while providing a secure and comfortable fit for wrists that measure 5.3 to 7.3 inches in circumference (13.5 to 18.5 cm).
promotes exercise and healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep habits for the whole family, fitness and exercise. 
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